Name: Lene
Birthdate: February 27
Astrology sign: Pisces
Personality type: INFP
Occupation: financial risk support specialist
Hobbies: sewing, crafting, and playing videogames

Likes: galaxy & star themes, spicy chips, bubbles

I grew up in Stockton, California and was constantly surrounded by my big family. I am the second youngest out of nine kids. Now my family reside in Minnesota and I live with my boyfriend KV & with my grey cat Demi.

I am a short girl standing at 4 feet 11 inches tall. I recently chopped most of my hair off so it currently passes slightly below chin length. I always like to have bangs that come down to just above my eyes. My ears are pierced but I rarely wear earrings and the only type of jewelry I wear nowadays are necklaces. From dainty elegant ones to lace chokers.

Picrew is an online image character/avatar creator. Each Picrew is unique as artists of all skills and styles can create these. Below are various ones that I tried to create a cuter version of me IRL, haha. I have a lot of black and dark colored clothes. Click the images to take you to the specific Picrew creator!

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